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If you are looking at this website, and considering retaining a whistleblower attorney, you likely have valuable information about fraud against the government.  Your next step, finding the right lawyer to help you present that information to the government and the courts, will be crucial.  Choosing the wrong attorney can literally end your case before it even begins.  So you should only proceed with a lawyer after careful research and face-to-face meetings.

At FGBO, we have the talent, knowledge, and experience to help you maximize the value of your information.  We view our relationship with our clients as a partnership.  You share with us what you know about fraud and how the government has been harmed. We will share with you the best strategy to present that information to ensure that you and the government maximize the ultimate recovery.

Board Certified Specialist in the Area of Labor Employment Law. I have found no greater professional fulfillment than providing high-quality legal service and achieving corrective results for individuals who have suffered unlawful treatment at the hands of their employers.

I love helping to solve my clients’ legal problems. I understand that every person and every case is unique. Since the facts of every case are different, and the facts matter, I will spend the time necessary to learn the details of each case I accept.

My significant experience—in both corporate America and the legal profession—has given me the skills necessary to successfully represent False Claims Act whistleblowers.

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